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Don't tell others how to play their characters
Written By: Teresa Beech
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2008-12-03 22:40:44

Don’t tell others how to play their characters, that's just rude. Just because you wouldn't do something doesn't mean somebody else would. What is great about what makes us people is our individuality. Playing online is just an extension of who we are as people. One man's garbage is another man's gold, and just because you don't value something doesn't mean somebody else won't.

Be careful because everything is from your point of view. That is really what most people have to remember when they see someone doing something that they don't understand. We all have a way and style we like to play and that is great. But just because I play a certain way doesn't mean, my buddy sitting next to me play the same way. Just remember about perspectives. Everyone has one, and they are all different.

This task becomes more difficult as you become more of a veteran. When you see someone do something that you would do. You instantly try to stop them from doing so. But the thing is you have no idea what they are trying to do. Telling them how to do something is just poor etiquette. Asking questions is okay, but telling another player how to play the game is just wrong.

You may know how to play well for you! But that doesn't mean the way you play is not the best way to play for somebody else. If you begin imposing your will on others you are sure to be kicked out of most groups quickly. So don't do it let others play the game their way even if you think they are playing the game badly.


Remember to play for fun
Written By: Teresa Beech
Section: Blog

Category: Blog

2008-12-03 21:58:28

This is probably one of the most important things I can talk about on this blog. Why can't more people be online that want to have fun when they play? Isn't that what everyone is here for anyway? I know people that need to be reminded of this every time they play. I know it's ridiculous to say that they need to remember to play for fun.

The game quickly becomes unentertaining when someone on the board stops having fun. You can tell easily when someone stops playing for the purpose of entertainment also. The player begins to insult others abundantly and quickly. It is easier to pick up on someone’s frustration when you can hear their voice of course but you can easily determine when someone stops playing the game for fun.

Every player at one point or another gets very frustrated and stops playing the game for the fun of it. I am no exception, and neither are you. Just do your best to be aware of the fact that you are no longer playing the game to be entertained. I know it's tough, but for the sake of everyone playing and yourself. It's a valuable to know when to stop playing because the game is no longer fun.

I don't understand why you'd want to continue playing once the game has no longer an appeal to you to be fun. If you do however, just remember there are others out there and you don't want to affect their game just because you are no longer enjoying yourself. If you do enjoy ruining the fun for someone else, then I am sorry. You just don't get it the purpose of playing online.


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