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If you are playing a first-person shooter game don't whine when others go after you, Of course they want to win too.
Written By: Teresa Beech
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2008-11-26 19:39:28


I must say the title of this one says it all. If you can't figure out this concept I'm not sure what to tell you. If you're in a first-person shooter of course you want to do well and of course you want to win. Others in online shooter game are going to try to kill you , because that is the purpose of the game.


Don't sit there and whine about someone killing you when you of course are trying to do the same thing. That is entirely the point of playing online. Come on, if it really bums you out to be killed by other players can try not going online to play. The simulated computer players are not getting emotional about how the game is being played. They are just programmed to play the game the way they are programmed play you. They don't analyze the way you are playing them and they don't have the skills to logically think about how they should attack you.


Online players all have a need to feel successful at the game they are playing. Therefore they are going to put some thought into how to play the game. It completely defeats the purpose of playing with online players if you are just going to sit back and get upset about them trying to be successful at the game! Complaining about this is a sign of an amateur. If you don't want to be treated like an amateur then don't act like one.


Any experienced gamer is going to find you and FRAG you. I know when I'm playing a game with a whiner I am instantly attracted to them as a target. I just want to find him and make their gameplay as unpleasant as possible to get them out of the game and off my headset as soon as possible.

Remember to play for fun
Written By: Teresa Beech
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2008-12-03 21:58:28

This is probably one of the most important things I can talk about on this blog. Why can't more people be online that want to have fun when they play? Isn't that what everyone is here for anyway? I know people that need to be reminded of this every time they play. I know it's ridiculous to say that they need to remember to play for fun.

The game quickly becomes unentertaining when someone on the board stops having fun. You can tell easily when someone stops playing for the purpose of entertainment also. The player begins to insult others abundantly and quickly. It is easier to pick up on someone’s frustration when you can hear their voice of course but you can easily determine when someone stops playing the game for fun.

Every player at one point or another gets very frustrated and stops playing the game for the fun of it. I am no exception, and neither are you. Just do your best to be aware of the fact that you are no longer playing the game to be entertained. I know it's tough, but for the sake of everyone playing and yourself. It's a valuable to know when to stop playing because the game is no longer fun.

I don't understand why you'd want to continue playing once the game has no longer an appeal to you to be fun. If you do however, just remember there are others out there and you don't want to affect their game just because you are no longer enjoying yourself. If you do enjoy ruining the fun for someone else, then I am sorry. You just don't get it the purpose of playing online.


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